Beasts of Prey, Beasts of Love
The hunt in 14th century song

The hunt has long been used as a metaphor for both the excitement and the heartache of romantic love. This program will contrast the wild and the refined, the loud and the soft, and the chase and loss of love in late 14th century Italian, French and German song. Animals as food, animals as companions: this highly symbolic contrast in the medieval poetic treatment of animals will be represented in this double concert by the two main contrasting types of ensembles used in late medieval music: the alta capella (loud wind band: shawms, trumpets, bagpipes and percussion) and the bassa capella (soft ensemble: string instruments, soft wind instruments and voices).

Ensemble Scholastica
Rebecca Bain: voice, vielle, direction
Catherine Herrmann: voice, organetto
Micheline Racicot: voice, lute
Angèle Trudeau: voice, gothic harp

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